Tel Aviv’s New Skyline Brings Residential Density

Tel Aviv’s New Skyline Brings Residential Density

With the completion of the citywide light-rail expected in 2020, connecting Tel Aviv’s city center to neighboring Ramat Gan, Ramat HaHayal, Bat Yam, Jaffa, and Givatayim brings a new wave of residential architecture to transform the skyline.

The city of Tel Aviv boasts the highest land value in the Middle East, and with this new connectivity it is only projected to increase demand and value. The city Tel Aviv is deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its collection of over 4,000 Bauhaus and Eclectic Architecture-style builds. The original city plan was made in 1925 by Sir Patrick Geddes, and is about to witness a significant shift. To promote density, the “TAMA 38” policy gives developers the opportunity to add additional units and floors in exchange for updating the existing units and infrastructure.


Florentin Tower

Florentin Tower

Florentin Tower by Ilan Pivko Architecture The residential project, Florentin Tower by Ilan Pivko Architecture is located in south Tel Aviv along the rugged and industrial Salame Street. The Tel Aviv municipality created an usual site, where the street intersect the parcel in an “X” instead of the typical rectangular block with circulation wrapping the perimeter. The project will be a catalyst for the neighborhood transformation from industrial to mixed-use with residential adding density. Harugei Malchut by HQ Architects Harugei Malchut is a 21-unit residential project designed by HQ Architects, led by architect Erez Ella, is projected to open in 2019. Harugei Malchut takes an unremarkable 8 unit building, and through the “Tama 38” policy, brings the building up to a standard of luxury and adds 13 units — each with spacious balconies complemented by the open-air facades.


Bloch Residences & Hamaapilim Tower by Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture In nearby Givatayim and Bat Yam, Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture designed Bloch Residences and Hamaapilim Tower. With the rising housing prices in Tel Aviv proper, people are flocking south and east towards the adjacent cities and Gottesman-Szmelcman is introducing these units at a steady-rate to avoid the ills of gentrification. Each of these projects take existing and aging structures and converts them to luxury residential projects.


The Bloch Residence, opening next year, containing 60-units and the Hamaapilim Tower boasts 60-units. Gindi Love by Yasky Mor Sivan Architects The Gindi Love Tower sits along the country’s main thoroughfare, the Ayalon Highway. Designed by Yasky Mor Sivan Architects, the project is comprised of eleven residential buildings, each 14-stories high, a full lifestyle and service experience, and is surrounded by 75,000 square-meters of landscaped grounds.


The Gindi Love Towers are along the new light rail and Tel Aviv Hashalom train station, and will open in phases starting at the end of this year through to 2020, when the light rail opens. W Jaffa by John Pawson The city of Jaffa is a 4,000-year old Mediterranean port city filled with Byzantine, Ottoman, and Moorish architecture. The city is now experiencing a significant amount of growth and developer attention. The W Jaffa, by John Pawson and architect Gilly Rom, is a converted 19th-century French hospital and has been transformed into a mixed use project consisting of private residences, a hotel, a bar in the converted Chapel, dining facilities, as well as leisure and wellness amenities.

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